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A message from John Stone with regards to the passing of John Cullum



John Cullum or (JC).           Cornwall Centre Secretary for 12 years.

            deceased.                          & End to End Competitions Secretary


THE MAN I KNEW .             John Stone x Centre Chairman.



I first met John at a local Grass Track. He at the time was in his favorite rust bucket Citreon! Did I just say that!   Well in truth it was Black in parts and had a very light throttle spring.

Citreons to John were the Rolls Royce of transport. If you had ever seen the amount of goods and human cargo he carried South through France you would be staggered. I do believe that one trip was accomplished by the use of a couple of four by four stake acting as the chassis.


At sporting event’s we soon started to look for each other. John often accompanied by a youngster that wife Gloria and he had overnighting for social services.   John often carried a camera, he was quite an accomplished photographer. The pairing of JC & Glo his wife worked to great effect at weddings, him clicking she organising.


When we met I was involved with Cornwall’s prestigious Road Trial, The End to End.  Firstly as a competitor, then as the right hand man of the originator of the event, a Jerry Jermy on his demise the event slowly lost its magnetism. It jogged along with ever depleting entries, essentially doomed.

Thankfully in 1994 a John Cullum, who had successfully run a number of car events admitted to me he never really fitted in with that lot. Their loss was Cornwall Motorcyclists gain.

John got to know us motorcyclist through attending sporting events and reporting on them in the West Briton we soon became aware of the value of this man and he became voted in as our Centre Secretary in 1995.

John was always recognised by his magnificent beard and the riding of his new Norton in an electrifying way.

John being John this was no normal Norton but one of the exclusive Rotary’s that had dominated the Road Race scene for a number of years.

As soon as John approached me with his vision to make the End to End the South West Premier event I was hooked.

Over the coming months JC and Gloria, who initially wanted no involvement but was soon aware that JC was unhappy and she became an endless worker for his enthusiasm.

Their magnetism soon spread to me and my wife and an unequalled friendship was our reward.

JC and Glo gave the entrants not just a days sport but an experience.






A Road Trial that was doomed rose to unheard of entries even attracting competitors from across the channel.

Its popularity caused me the C of C no end of problems. I was desperately trying to get a large entry from Bude to Lands End in the time available foolishly suggested we cap the entry at 150.       OK says JC.       But it never happened.

John was a firm believer in committees; A committee should run the End to End he says! Typically of JC this was a committee of one. JC was the one.

Additionally there was only one way to promote things, JC’s way! with his knowledge of the media who can argue with his fantastic success.

When JC’s hearing went into serious decline, it led to him after 12 years to relinquish his position as Cornwall Auto Cycle Union Secretary. He continued with Glo’s help as the End to End Secretary for a further year then with Gloria having health problems he reluctantly gave up.

It is testament to the man, that the event continued for a few years until I too resigned after 26 yrs as Clerk of the Course. Without JC It no longer gave me the buzz.

Perhaps one day another enthusiast will raise The End to End from its ashes the memory of JC will surely ride with it.


The highly successful Centre Dinners at Newquay had alcohol infused discussions taking us deep into the next day. Often it included his many memorable exploits as a motorcycle courier during which he covered

some 100,000 miles.


The Norton was now rebuilt and repainted in an outstanding scarlet. JC sat astride resplendent in a magnificent sheepskin pilots jacket, his White bearded head thrust into a helmet with the straps most likely flapping.

Every professional driver and copper in the South West new this red Norton. Not necessarily the demon rider, but the bike certainly.


There were the emergency Courier trips like riding to Scotland to deliver urgent Kidney machine parts. Downing a cup of tea he liked it, no milk or sugar tea bag left in the cup please. Then turning around and riding straight back to Cornwall.   A round trip of a thousand plus miles.   No doubt mostly at an indecent speed.


Who else would load the bike with virtually everything but the kitchen sink then ride with that white beard split right in the middle non stop to Bordeaux with the wife sleeping on the back.









It is on one such trip that they had cajoled my wife and I to accompany them. The men by motorcycle the girls by Citroen.

In Plymouth, he had the military on red alert all because the Norton had a turn for the worst on crossing the Tamar It decided to notify the city of its arrival by producing a cacophony of machine gun backfires across the City followed up with a number of street echoing explosions accompanied by three foot sheets of flame belching out from the Norton as we negotiated the city roundabouts.

JC of course carried on totally unaware till the bike drifted to a stop. To me riding behind it was a carnival not to be forgotten.

Needless to say, the bike never left our shores but we still got to the French destination.  How is another story?

Cornwall said goodbye to 77 year old JC on Friday the 20th May 2016.

I am pleased Cornwall Centre provided an excellent team at the Bodmin Crematorium.


I thank every one of you for your support.


John Stone

Auto Cycle Union Honorary Member.


Pendennis Motorcycle & Light Car Club Limited Ltd.

Pendennis Motorcycle & Light Car Club  is  based in Cornwall,  Started in the 1930’s racing around the Pendennis Castles roads.  Pendennis Mcc & Lcc has been running in excess of 80+ years and still going strong. Pendennis Offers several different types of events ranging from the short sharp Motocross events to the long and sometimes challenging Enduros, Also the Endurocross which is fantastic for spectators to watch as riders take on man made obstacles . Pendennis also organize road trials like the Flora road reliability trial opens to car and bikes  where bike/car and rider/driver  cover many different types of terrain and different styles of riding needed to complete the trial. Standard Motorcycle trials are also on the agenda and  are a well attended event.  Pendennis has seen many different types of lap scoring but we are using the Mylaps Transponder system which is proving popular with the competitors as results can be seen online by the next day and are very accurate.  We welcome new members and a membership form can be found in the members area.


Below is a video a student from Falmouth University (Will Hewitt) created of Pendennis as part of his project.


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