Pendennis Motorcycle & Light Car Club  is  based in Cornwall,  Started in the 1930’s racing around the Pendennis Castles roads.  Pendennis Mcc & Lcc has been running in excess of 80+ years and still going strong. Pendennis Offers several different types of events ranging from the short sharp Motocross events to the long and sometimes challenging Enduros, Also the Endurocross which is fantastic for spectators to watch as riders take on man made obstacles . Pendennis also organize road trials like the Flora road reliability trial opens to car and bikes  where bike/car and rider/driver  cover many different types of terrain and different styles of riding needed to complete the trial. Standard Motorcycle trials are also on the agenda and  are a well attended event.  Pendennis has seen many different types of lap scoring but we are using the Mylaps Transponder system which is proving popular with the competitors as results can be seen online by the next day and are very accurate.  We welcome new members and a membership form can be found in the members area.


Below is a video a student from Falmouth University (Will Hewitt) created of Pendennis as part of his project.