In 1930 a group of enthusiasts  (Eric Brand,Bob Trudgen,Samuel “Dow” Downing,Selborne “Rancher” Stevens,Bill Storey,Donald Winn) met in a lock up garage in Falmouth.  The Club was born and after a few small events raising money for the Falmouth Hospital cliff top road racing around the Castle of Pendennis was organised    We have continued to uphold these sporting beginnings and over the years maintained it. In later years our enviable British Bike Show was born. We have had the privilege to host and welcome TT mystro Geof Duke a virtual God to so many Cornish motor cyclists. His visit started an exceptional roll of honour to include, Freddy Hawkin, a winner of the 1930 races, Ray Pickerell, Les Williams with Slippery Sam the bike that is, Mick Grant, Sammy Miller, World S/car Trials Champion Colin Dommett. Even historic racer Stanley Woods paid the club a visit for its 60th anniversary when a re-enactment of the races took place around the castle. We include Trevor Nation within our membership having a relaxing day in our road trials and even Peter Williams is a local these days. During 70-80s we ran the British Grass Racing Finals. Crowds in excess off 3000 regularly attended our Newquay track. Our members being excellent at keeping the silver wear in Cornwall. The club have run ACU Team events and for many years supplied many competitors to form Cornwall’s challenging Teams. In 2010 again our riders have returned home to the club with many National and Regional championships including Weston Beach Race. Each year The Flora Reliability Road Trial attracts not only Solo, S/Car and Quads but we invite our sporting 4 wheel friends along for the day. Never a club to pale into insignificance we have always been proud of our roots and have erected at Castle drive a significant memorial to our beginnings and it’s early racers.

If you want to compete in Trials, Motocross, Enduro or Hare and Hounds  come to Pendennis you will join a Club with longevity and an explosive future.

Dave Andrew – Allan Jory.

Our quiet approachable Efficient Competitions Secretary is the Dave Andrews most of us know.    I hope my story of Dave and his faithful passenger Allan Jory will not change your perception. Dave a fearless driver can be as stubborn as a mule yet tell Dave of a problem and he will do his utmost to resolve it. Cross him and like the elephant years later he is still that mulish person. Me, I think he is and has been a fantastic Pendennis Member and over the years guided the club down many new avenues.

Sidecars are  synonymous  with Andrew and  Jory  and now we have their sons Gareth and Andy to carry on the tradition. Be it individually.

So how did it come about?

One late Saturday afternoon back in 1971  Dave was in a bar after playing football (I do believe the same bar as used by the club for our monthly club nights) at the time run by his Father and Mother-in-law, anyway, not pleased with his game and probably suffering he met a follow disenchanted mind in the shape of Allan Jory. Allan had called in after a Pendennis Trial in Twelveheads Bottoms seems for one reason or another he was fed up the way it was going at the time. Over the next few beer swilling hours, (And they are still Premier in that) supporting themselves by leaning on each others shoulders the future was discussed, it was with the prompting of Dick Dyer and Tony Harris that they came to the conclusion that Side Cars were the way to go.  David declared he was to be in charge of the steering or they could stuff it.. (These drivers never learn it is we passengers that steer the things) is that right Al?  So with the piloting order sorted and Allan happy to be the ballast a machine was the next priority.  A Greeves was purchased from Graham Pooley they quickly mastered the art of keeping it saddle side up but the little 197cc motor struggled with its task of pulling two well built strong builders.

Tackling a local BSA enthusiast a Victor 441cc was purchased. A mistake the motor had savage power that came in with a bang, Dave discovered that with the front wheel pawing the sky steering was optional. Various tricks including a ¼ inch plate under the barrel was tried but it still retained its wild animal characteristics. Not to be defeated and  learning of a Cheney frame they enlisted Tony Harris’s help and new outfit was constructed. After a deal of thought on what was the best power unit available to them a Triumph was located that was super quick, O dear Another mistake. Twas like going from the frying pan into the fire, they was either upside down or spinning its wheel for grip. These continual problems would have discouraged lesser people all it did to this team was to make them even more determined so after limited success they grasped the chance of a pucka trials mount in the shape of a Suzuki RL250 purchased from David Paul at Blackwater.  Much thought was put into the building of a lightweight chair with some very innovative ideas. It proved a winner out of the box as they say and now the lads could join the drivers of the day Rob Dyer with Keith Morecomb, Jan Roger with Barry Baker, Les Pooley with John Stone and the singing Velocette of Phil Williams and Ian Mitchell and really compete. Their learning was rapid, soon KGL 57P  was acknowledged as the crew to beat . There success soon attracted the attention of Collin Dommett. Colin was now committed to chairs with Eric Chamberlin and as reigning National s/car Champions paid a visit to the Carharrack workshop ruler in hand. After convincing Suzuki a Beamish RL250 outfit was put into limited production. This beautiful outfit produced in Yellow and chrome was the first professionally put together sidecar outfit you could buy.  One of the first to acquire one was Dave and Allan.  As soon as they mounted up it felt very familiar!  Over the next few years, several of the Beamish outfits of varying capacities were campaigned with great success from Devon to Yorkshire.  During this time, CD & Eric took the world championship only to return and have Dave and Allan take the Premier at the Presidents Trial.  I remember there was some beer swilled after that event, many of Cornwalls competitors staying  at the Honiton Motel. What with Paul Warr selling ladies underwear and toys and Dick Angove being broody trying to nest in a arm chair and with much cacophony of clucking set about laying, this prior to their gate crashing of the locals Teddy Boy Girl Rock an Roll dance.  So you see you youngsters you do nothing  new its just the year that changes.

I tell you people ff you had ever had the pleasure of seeing this crew perform on a difficult section you would be astounded and astonished to see the strength that our Dave had. I have seen the bars bend and the machine shudder as he would lift the whole machine with Allan aboard out of a hazard were the normal mortal driver passenger would be lucky to get out of at all.

Dave and Allan are and always have been Pendennis Members through and through and all the events entered no matter what end of the country if possible it was as a Pendennis Member. They supported Cornwall Centre Team Events at a time when one was proud to ride for Cornwall even if they had to pay there own way.

1984 Now masters in the art of sidecar Trials a new challenge was to be met.

The Tidworth Enduro was entered on a Honda Stroker. They so enjoyed this that enduro’s were about to command the major part of there time and riding skills. Acquiring a Wasp Kawasaki they entered a two day event in Hampshire. Here they were observed by a specialist race engineer. During the weekends event this engineer’s son had a mishap and our crew helped him. This unfortunate happening for the son proved invaluable to David & Allan as they were offered and continued to have his fathers support of skill in engine preparation. This was possibly a contributing factor to a hard fought third place in the 1990  Weston Beach Race.  An event that they have continuously entered achieving 9th  in it’s first year 1984 on the XT.    Enduro racing was taking the major part of their entries, but just to keep their hand in they competed in many Road Trials enjoying much success mainly on an XT.

It was a succession of unfortunate happenings that finally forced Dave to stop. I remember following them in an enduro at a fair rate of knots when some stupid woman looked to step out to take a photo causing Dave’s quick evasive action to savagely twist his leg this started a series of problems with Dave’s leg further aggravated when he fractured it at Weston.  Dave tried to continue to ride but eventually had to call best and had to step back from his beloved sport.  Allan was more concerned with his mate than riding and was glad that Dave had given up punishing himself.  Allan continued to have one or two outings with various pilots but it was never the same as being in tune to a driver you had ridden with for so many years.  Yes they are still around at Pendennis events. Dave as Comp Sec. Allan as Marshal, Co-ordinator or Technical Officer in fact where ever he is needed.   One pleasure that they enjoyed over these many years continues and that is in the bar Dave on the lagers and Allan sinking the Betty Stogs in quantities that astound even the youngsters come and join in the chat as they are happy to pass on the knowledge absorbed in a lifetime of Three Wheels for a pint.

Now with Allan retired and David rapidly approaching it they are still true Pendennis members and both active within the club.

Theirs is a remarkable friendship that has lasted the test of time.

This is my interpretation and is a very much condensed view of these two friends the full story is very much more. So many people have been involved within their sporting career. These friends are very valued including their ever supportive wives and families.

John Stone.